Spanish giant enters dispute with Arsenal for the signing of Gabriel Jesus


Brazilian leaves City

Real Madrid v Manchester City Semi Final Leg Two - UEFA Champions League
© 2022 Eurasia Sport Images, Getty Images EuropeReal Madrid v Manchester City Semi Final Leg Two – UEFA Champions League

Revealed by Palmeiras, Gabriel Jesus soon proved to be an above average striker, having in just two seasons aroused the interest of Pep Guardiola, who soon took him to Manchester City and the Premier League, where despite being Aguero’s reserve, always had good individual numbers.

However, even after the Argentine’s departure, Gabriel Jesus was unable to establish himself as City’s absolute starter, despite always having minutes with Guardiola. In this way, the player’s name was once again spoken outside the team, especially after the Manchester club closed with the Norwegian Haaland.

At the moment, the main interested party is Arsenal. According to UOL Esporte, the London club has even made a meeting for the striker. City are asking for 60 million euros.

Barcelona enter the race for Gabriel Jesus

However, while conversations come and go, Arsenal get a ‘thorn in their side’. That’s because, according to Fichajes, with the endorsement of Xavi, who believes that Gabriel Jesus has the ideal profile for Barcelona, ​​the club entered the game, being able to cross the Gunners.

In the current season, Gabriel has played 39 matches, with 13 goals and 11 assists. In addition, despite having lost some space, the player was called up again and, if he continues with a good performance, he should again be present at the World Cup.

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