The 10 teams with the most supporters in Brazilian football


Survey counts only Serie A clubs

America MG v Atletico Mineiro - Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022
© 2022 Getty Images, Getty Images South AmericaAmerica MG v Atletico Mineiro – Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores 2022

Current Brazilian champion, Atlético MG, owned by Hulk and co., is the Brazilian football club with the largest number of supporters among the 20 clubs in Brazil’s first division. Galo Mineiro, with 127 thousand members, appears well ahead of the Corinthianswhich has 116 thousand.

Considered the second largest crowd in Brazil, Corinthians is second on the list. Current leader of the Brasileirão, Timão has been gaining positions and is already in second position, ahead of Internacional, something that, years ago, was imaginable due to the disparity of the gaucho club. Altogether, Timão has around 116 thousand members.

For many years, Internacional was the Brazilian club with the largest number of members. Despite not having the biggest fans in the country, Colorado has always bragged about this feat. Despite being overtaken, the gaucho giant still has an incredible 96,000 members. It’s third on the list.

The biggest fan club in the country, Flamengo is fourth on the list, well behind Internacional in terms of numbers. While the club boasts about 40 million fans, the number of members is not very high: around 69,000 fan members.

Brazilian teams with the most fan members

  1. Atletico MG: 127k
  2. Corinthians: 116k
  3. International: 96k
  4. Flamingo: 69k
  5. Palm trees: 65k
  6. Ceará: 45k
  7. Stronghold: 44k
  8. Sao Paulo: 40k
  9. Coritiba: 39k
  10. Fluminense: 39k

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