The Athletico fans’ party for the Tocantinópolis goalkeeper after the rout in the Copa do Brasil; watch | Brazil’s Cup

the goalkeeper Jeffersonfrom Tocantinópolis, stole the show at Arena da Baixada after Athletico’s 4-0 rout on Tuesday night. Even after conceding four goals, the player was one of the highlights of his team and, in a rare scene, he ended up being cheered by the opposing crowd..

Jefferson went to the stands and hugged the Hurricane fans. RPC cameraman Ricardo Muiños recorded the scene (see the video above).

The goalkeeper thanked him for the affection and joined the party. He won an Athletico flag, wore a club cap and even raised the skull, the symbol of the crowd.

At halftime, the goalkeeper said he was quite happy and would not care about the final score of the match.

We know the greatness of Athletico, which is gigantic. It’s having your head in place and doing your best.

— Jefferson, to sportv

Athletico had already won the first leg by 5 to 2 and could lose by up to two goals difference, which would qualify for the next phase.

With the classification, Hurricane pocketed R$ 3 million. Tocantinópolis leaves the competition with R$ 3.2 million for advances until this third phase (see highlights from the game below).

Athletico-PR x Tocantinópolis-TO - Best Moments

Athletico-PR x Tocantinópolis-TO – Best Moments

Jefferson, goalkeeper of Tocantinópolis, in the Athletico crowd — Photo: Reproduction/RPC

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