Two state schools in Sorocaba close after confirmed cases of Covid-19 | Sorocaba and Jundiaí

Two state schools in Sorocaba (SP) were closed due to positive cases of Covid-19. Two other public schools in the city have people infected with the disease, but are still open for school activities.

According to the Union of Official Teaching Teachers of the State of São Paulo (APEOESP) of Sorocaba and region, in all cases the complaint was forwarded to the Health Surveillance.

Of the schools that suspended activities, Monteiro Lobato College, in Parque Santa Isabel, had six positives and classes were suspended on May 6 and returned this Wednesday (11), under guidance, according to a note from the school. on social networks, to attend only those who do not have symptoms of the disease.

The other school, Antônio Padilha, which is in the central region of Sorocaba, closed this Wednesday (11), with a return forecast on May 17. In this unit, there were four confirmed cases of Covid-19.

The other two study schools that recorded positive cases of the disease remained open. At Ezequiel Machado Nascimento, in Jardim Santa Rosália, there are nine people diagnosed with coronavirus. While in Joaquim Izidoro Marins, in Vila Angélica, there are 10 cases, eight of which are confirmed.

In a note, APEOESP Sorocaba and region informs that the school community is afraid of the situation, as the cases of Covid-19 grow and the direction of two schools chooses to maintain face-to-face classes.

“Since the first confirmation of contamination of the disease, we have already activated the Health Surveillance. If it continues like this, we will reinforce the questioning, as we have to preserve the health of both students and education professionals”, informs the note.

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