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The monthly supply and demand report that the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) releases this Thursday, May 12, at 1:00 pm (Brasilia time), brings the first projections for the 2022/23 crops in the country and more. key nations in agricultural production and that’s why it brings so much anxiety to the market. According to experts, this is a very important report for price trends and, traditionally, much expected.

“This one from USDA will be the first in 2022 to offer a mix of old and new crop estimates, taking into account drought in various regions, the war in Ukraine and an ongoing new planting season in the US,” says Todd Hultman, lead analyst for the international portal DTN The Progressive Farmer.


Corn – North American corn production inspires some concerns, even in view of the weather conditions that have not been the most suitable for planting since the season began. The beginning of May was the coldest and wettest in more than 30 years in the Corn Belt and could influence the productive potential and the area planted with cereal in the country.

Thus, the expected harvest for the country varies, between market expectations, between 366.14 and 383.94 million tons, with an average of 375.41 million. A year ago, the US harvested 383.94 million.

Soy – Concerns are also high for soybeans, but not as much as for corn at the moment, since the planting window is a little longer in the country. Thus, projections expect something between 120.7 and 126.83 million tons, with an average of 125.3 million tons. The 2021/22 US crop was 120.7 million.

Wheat – The expected numbers for wheat average 48.69 million tons, in a range between 44.5 and 52.12 million tons. The previous grain season in the US was 44.8 million tons.


Corn – Ending US corn stocks in the new crop could be estimated at somewhere between 25.1 and 41.33 million tons, with average projections at 33.15 million.

Soy – For soybeans, the expected range for 2022/23 ending stocks is 5.44 to 13.28 million tons, taking the average to 8.68 million.

Wheat – The market expects something between 15.24 and 19.73 million tons in the final stocks of the new harvest, with an average of 17.83 million.


Corn – World ending stocks of wheat are expected by the market between 278 and 307.7 million tons, with an average of 295.6 million.

Soy – As for soybeans, the numbers average 98 million, ranging between 89.4 and 107.8 million tons.

Wheat – Regarding wheat, the USDA could indicate global ending stocks of the cereal between 261 and 286.8 million tons, with an average of 271.6 million.

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