Video: Ukraine destroys Russian tank with weapon donated by Sweden – News

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry published a video on Tuesday (10) showing the moment a Russian T-90M tank is destroyed by a bullet from a Carl-Gustaf M4, a Swedish weapon developed to render armored vehicles useless.

On Twitter, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry said the Moscow tank was near the Stary Saltiv region, near Kharkiv. The body’s profile also thanked the Swedish government for providing weapons to combat Russia.

“The pride of the Russian tank industry (T-90M) was destroyed by the Carl-Gustaf portable anti-tank missile launcher. We thank the Swedish people and the king for their help.”

Sweden, which supplied the weapons to Ukraine, is internally discussing whether to join NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). The social-democratic party, which rules the country, may decide before next Sunday (14) whether to take this step towards the Alliance.

Another Nordic country that can join NATO is Finland. According to researcher Charly Salonius-Pasternak, “it is 100% certain” the Finnish candidacy for the defense group by the end of the year.

Both nations are located close to Russia, which increases the population’s fear of an invasion similar to the Ukrainian one – which also intended to join NATO.

In March, the Russia’s government warned Finland and Sweden of the “consequences” of possible entry into NATO.

“Of course, the Swedish and Finnish authorities themselves have to decide, but they need to understand the consequences of this step for our bilateral relations and the European security architecture in general, which is now in crisis,” said the Russian foreign affairs spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, in a statement.

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