What to do to enjoy the gym? Do it and never miss a workout again!

São José dos Pinhais, PR, today, May 10, 2022, by Cristiane Monteirolike gym It’s not for everyone, I wish! So everyone would be fit, toned and healthy. Let’s face it, it’s very easy to give up, sometimes even before starting. But now you’re going to find out how to stay strong in training. Follow in the column Tricks And Hacks!

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It’s amazing how many people are addicted to the gym. Meanwhile, another larger part cannot understand this pleasure. So, for you to also change sides and be among those who love the gym, we separate some tips, check it out!

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What to do to enjoy the gym?

What to do to enjoy the gym?  Do it and never miss a workout again!  Source: Canva
What to do to enjoy the gym? Do it and never miss a workout again! Source: Canva

There are some tips for you to learn to like gym. Check it out now and get started this week!

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Create short goals

Losing 30 kg and increasing 5 cm of thigh are goals that don’t happen overnight, right? And if you just think about her, you’ll soon get discouraged. So create easier goals. Like, for example, going to the gym for 3 weeks without missing or even shorter periods, like completing a week of exercise.


Just create the goal for like gym and complying may not be enough. So try to reward yourself too. When a goal is reached, give yourself gifts, like a new outfit or a date with friends. Finally, use creativity to reward yourself.

Ritual at preferred time

Working out in the morning, if that is your first appointment of the day, would be ideal. That’s because you will already have a rest of the day with more energy. In addition, you will also be free from training throughout the day.

However, for some people waking up early is very difficult. In addition, they can have more entertainment in the afternoon or at night. If this is my case, prefer to exercise at this time. That way, like gym It will be much easier and more motivating.

Choose an activity you like

It seems obvious, but always starting with the activity that seems to have the fastest result, such as running and weight training, for example, is very exhausting for those who still don’t do any type of exercise.

How about taking a tour of all the options offered by the gym, in the first few weeks? After that time, see which one or ones you liked the most and keep going for the next few months. This will make that workout more enjoyable.

get inspired

For like gym, don’t just focus on exercise: think about the other perks, like a new fitness outfit, for starters. Downloading an animated playlist to listen to during practices is another example. Also, create other goals, like new friends, or finally debuting a really cool fitness device.

get a friend

Once you’ve decided on the best exercise to do, find a friend who also enjoys this activity and arrange to do it together at the same time. Thus, one does not let the other miss or give up. In addition, the company makes the practice more pleasurable, too.

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Start with one day a week

Working out every day is not for beginners. so if you want like gym, start only once a week. After that, gradually increase. Maybe it never goes more than 3 times a week, but it will have evolved a lot.


Don’t decide to do it on your own, the chance of giving up is too great. it will be easy no gacademy starbut if you pay for the gym or the personal, you don’t want to lose the investment and you won’t give up so fast, or even before you start.

Other benefits

Finally, this tip couldn’t be missed. Going to the gym is much more than losing weight, defining muscles or getting strong. But it also improves health, decreases stress and depression, improves sleep quality, decreases migraine and PMS, increases mood and sexual desire.

So, always think about these benefits when you practice your physical exercise and the chances of giving up will be even smaller.

Why can’t I like the gym?

What to do to enjoy the gym?  Do it and never miss a workout again!  Source: Canva
What to do to enjoy the gym? Do it and never miss a workout again! Source: Canva

There are some factors for you not to like gym and, thinking about them, you can dribble this situation:

  • You only think of the gym as a bad thing, that is, you only think about the effort or time spent. Focus on thinking about the benefits: not only aesthetics, but also health;
  • You still haven’t managed to create a routine: the first weeks, especially the first 3, are the most difficult. So commit yourself more in this period;
  • Getting out of shape is off-putting: you think everyone is going to stare at you. But, instead, think about how you will be able to compare before and after and how different your life can be in a few months.

What to do to be more willing and enjoy working out?

A factor that can improve your willingness to work out. In addition to the tips that we have already mentioned, it is, without a doubt, to take care of food a little more.

You may not need to become a fit person, but cutting back on fried foods, sugars, sodas and increasing your consumption of fruits and vegetables will increase your body’s vitamins and nutrients. Consequently, increase your disposition.

So it’s not that hard like gym, just have a little initial persistence. Betting on other inspirations and motivations besides the main one and paying attention to the benefits that physical exercise can already bring on the first day of working out is ideal.

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