Woman arrested in US suspected of killing her 3 children on Mother’s Day | World

A woman has been arrested in the United States on suspicion of killing her three children on Mother’s Day, local authorities said on Monday (9).

The crime was registered in Los Angeles, in the US state of California, and the police are investigating the case and the motivations for the murders.

According to a report by broadcaster NBC, authorities were called to the scene on Sunday morning (8) after a call made to the emergency services.

“Police officers arrived at the scene and found three dead between the ages of 8 and 12,” Sergeant Bruce Borihahn told TV. “There are two boys and a girl who were killed inside the house.”

According to investigators, it is not yet possible to determine exactly what happened, but there are no other suspects being sought. The mother, who is in detention, was questioned.

Neighbors of the family say they looked “very normal” but that on Saturday night the matriarch was seen screaming before being taken away by an ambulance.

Steven Hayes, a neighbor, told NBC that “they were just a normal American family,” while another homeless, Prisila, said she saw what she called an outbreak.

“Last night I heard her screams saying ‘my family is abusing me, my family is abusing me’, and there were some things I couldn’t understand at the end,” the neighbor said.

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