2 groups can withdraw FGTS up to R$ 1 thousand this week; see which

The extraordinary FGTS withdrawal is released by Caixa in a social savings account automatically opened by the bank and accessed through the Caixa Tem application.

Workers born in month of april and may with a balance in the Severance Indemnity Fund (FGTS) can make the extraordinary withdrawal of up to R$ 1 thousand this week. The first group receives the benefit this Wednesday (11), and the second will be released next Saturday (14).

The credit is released by Caixa Econômica Federal in a social savings account, opened automatically by the bank and accessed through the Caixa Tem application.

After having access to the values, workers can pay bills, use the virtual debit card to pay in stores, websites or apps, in addition to being able to make purchases by paying with the QR Code in the machines, all through Caixa Tem.

In all, 42 million workers are entitled to the extraordinary loot. They can check the values ​​through the FGTS app (Android and iOS) or the Caixa website. The automatic credit can be undone until November 10th.

The worker who chooses not to receive the extraordinary withdrawal must access the FGTS application or go to a Caixa branch to inform that he does not want to receive the money for the benefit. Withdrawal can only be done until December 15th.

See the FGTS withdrawal calendar of up to BRL 1,000

  • Workers born in January: withdrawal on April 20;
  • Workers born in February: withdrawal on April 30;
  • Workers born in March: withdrawal on May 4;
  • Workers born in April: withdrawal on May 11;
  • Workers born in May: withdrawal on May 14;
  • Workers born in June: withdrawal on May 18;
  • Workers born in July: withdrawal on May 21;
  • Workers born in August: withdrawal on May 25;
  • Workers born in September: withdrawal on May 28;
  • Workers born in October: withdrawal on June 1;
  • Workers born in November: withdrawal on June 8;
  • Workers born in December: withdrawal on June 15.

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