3 movies to question aesthetic standards and inspire self-love

THE body acceptance it is still a delicate issue for many people and part of this is due to the aesthetic standards imposed by society.

Even with all the efforts to deconstruct the idea of ​​the ideal body, the “dictatorship of beauty is reality and this pursuit can become dangerous, leading to exaggerated changes in appearance, eating disorders, anxiety, and even depression.

“It’s not about how you look, it’s about how you see yourself, how you feel about yourself. It’s about quality of life and health, much more than form”, ponders Aline Caniçais, dermato-functional physical therapist.

Despite the increasing demand for cosmetic procedures more invasive, the specialist says that non-invasive ones can make a difference in the way we relate to our body, if the patient wishes to do so.

“Some care with the appearance already makes a big difference when it comes to raising self-esteem and takes us to the path of a much more natural and healthy beauty”, he comments.

With that in mind, we gathered three films that question the dictatorship of beauty and inspire self-acceptance and self-love. Check out:


In “Dumplin”, the protagonist, played by Danielle MacDonald, is determined to defy the standards imposed by society and surprises her mother, a former miss (Jennifer Aniston’s character), by signing up for the beauty contest organized by her.

“The film is a supporter of the Body Positive movement, which encourages women to love themselves and their bodies, and questions aesthetic standards, showing that there are no rules for beauty”, comments the physical therapist.

the minimum to live

In this drama, a young woman deals with anorexia. With no prospects of getting rid of the disease, Ellen (Lily Collins’ character) spends her days without hope. But when she meets an unconventional doctor who challenges her to face her condition and embrace life, everything can change.

“The story is impactful because it deals with a delicate subject, which is the eating disorder. Weight loss is often associated with aesthetic issues and this leads people to believe that the disorders are restricted to females. Despite being more frequent in women, the film addresses both sides, talking about overcoming and perspective on life”, highlights Aline.

sexy by accident

In “Sexy by Accident”, the protagonist, played by Amy Schumer, struggles with her insecurity and the constant judgments surrounding her appearance. Until she has an accident, she hits her head and, upon waking up, starts to see herself as she always thought she needed to be in order to be accepted. Thus, she starts to act like the most beautiful woman in the world, self-confident and capable of anything.

“This film demonstrates how people’s constant exposure to models on magazine covers, celebrities and influencers ends up defining our desire to seek this unnatural and imposed standard. It illustrates very well the importance of focusing on our perception of ourselves. , to the detriment of how the rest of the world sees us”, concludes the specialist.

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