8 Must-See New Netflix Movies on Your List to Watch Today

Netflix and its surprises. How about diving into movies that are essential on your list and are still new to the streaming catalog. Browse these fictional stories and forget about anything else out there, just enjoy a good movie in the quiet of your home or wherever you are. Start this incredible journey right now by exploring these new features from NETFLIX. Among the highlights we have the most recent debut in the catalog The Soldier Who Didn’t Exist (2022), directed by John Madden, a WWII spy film telling the riddle of an episode where creativity and trickery can be more powerful than weapons.

The Scarlet Hill (2015), Guillhermo del Toro

the scarlet hill
the scarlet hill

Scarlet Hill is one of the latest and greatest period films available in the Netflix catalogue. The film features an American heiress who marries a bankrupt British aristocrat and moves into his mansion. That’s when everything starts to change, the sinister house begins to reveal its bloody secrets. Writer Edith Cushing (Mia Wasikowska) is completely in love with the mysterious Sir Thomas Sharpe (Tom Hiddleston), but his dark mansion doesn’t take long to test Edith’s sanity.

Watch > Scarlet Hill

Salvation (2014), Kristian Levring

The Salvation
The Salvation

Salvation is yet another brutal western movie that has revenge as its plot, with Mads Mikkelsen. The film is set in 1870, and brings the consequences that a peaceful American settler has to face as he seeks revenge for the death of his family, killing the culprit. He finds himself in a real trap when the townspeople end up handing over his location and reveal his plan.

Watch > Salvation

Against the Ice (2022), Peter Flinth

against the ice
against the ice

against the ice It is a Danish survival movie that has been widely watched by Netflix audiences. The film features an expedition to Greenland in search of a lost map, which forces two men to fight for their lives, amid ice and food shortages. The film is based on a true story from 1909 in Denmark.

Watch > Against the Ice

The Bombing (2022), Ole Bornedal

the bombing
the bombing

The British Royal Air Force, in March 1945, continued its mission at the Gestapo headquarters in Copenhagen, bombing the site. The feature is based on real events and brings a terrible event during World War II, in which a school full of children ends up being accidentally hit, more than 120 people ended up being killed, among them the vast majority were children. With very striking scenes involving the mistaken attack on the building, parents find themselves desperate and anguish trying to find their children, while some try to take the children who are still alive from the rubble.

Watch > The Bombardment

Let’s Fix the World (2022), Ariel Winograd

Let's Fix the World
Let’s Fix the World

New by catalogue, Let’s Fix the World is a dramedy with Leonardo Sbaraglia and Natalia Oreiro. The production follows the life of David Samarás, producer of the talk show “Hoy Se Arregla el Mundo”, where he addresses several topics, such as fatherhood and children, friendships, work and relationships. David is single and has always had a hard time staying in a relationship any longer. But a chance adventure resulted in a son, 9-year-old Benito. But things change completely when he ends up discovering that the boy is not his son, when he argues with the boy’s mother. But soon the boy’s mother dies and Benito asks for one last little help from David, to find his real father.

Watch > Let’s Fix the World

Furioza (2022), Cyprian T. Olencki


Furioza is an action-adventure film starring Mateusz Damiecki that has undergone a radical makeover in this film that Onet calls “an exciting and intense cinematic experience”. The story revolves around organized crime and is full of twists. A police officer makes a rather daring and irrefutable offer to her ex-boyfriend, either her brother goes to jail or he infiltrates a gang, a violent criminal organization.

Watch > Fury

The Soldier Who Was Not (2022), directed by John Madden

Military-themed spy movie starring Colin Firth , showing how creativity and trickery can make a huge difference in conflicts. The film chronicles an episode that took place during World War II when two British agents create a bizarre strategy to deceive the Nazis and alter the course of the war. The film is based on a true story of disinformation.

Watch > The Soldier Who Wasn’t There

Silverton: Siege Closed (2022), Mandla Dube

Silverton: Closed Siege
Silverton: Closed Siege

Based on real events, South African production “Silverton: Closed Siege” features a trio of rebels in search of freedom, they find themselves on a collision course with the state after a botched sabotage mission, which escalates into a bank hostage standoff. This film is inspired by the real-life incident that sparked the global ‘Free Mandela’ movement and features Thabo Rametsi, Noxolo Dlamini and Stefan Erasmus and Arnold Vosloo. The film takes place in the 1980s, where anti-apartheid demonstrations took place in South Africa.

Watch > Silverton: Closed Siege

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