Anatomy of a Scandal | Sienna Miller admits she felt rancid from her character

One of Netflix’s latest hits, the miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal shows Sophie Whitehouse, a woman whose loyalty to her husband is tested when he, who is an important politician, has a sexual secret revealed.

Sophie’s interpreter, Sienna Millertalked about her character in a recent interview with the website Collider, admitting that he didn’t fall in love with her and didn’t understand her right away.

“I try to analyze the psychoanalysis of the people I am interpreting. My reaction in the first episode, when she is instantly forgiving, apparently, of her misconduct, was hard to love at first, until I spent time really thinking about it. She’s invested her entire life and committed all her intelligence, which she clearly has, to the service of this marriage, this man, these children, this life, these optics of perfection. She’s not going to let this be dismantled by a mistake she’s going to deal with later. She gets out of this situation. Her first response is, ‘We need to protect our kids, and I’m on his side,’” she explained.

Sienna Miller is Sophie Whitehouse in Anatomy of a Scandal (Disclosure/Netflix)

Despite her initial fear, the actress said that after he managed to understand her character, he started to like her a lot.

“She’s very English, in a way I saw growing up in England. There is a type of English woman who is restrained and emotionless. As passionate as they may be in intimate moments or something, they don’t show that emotion. I thought playing someone who kept everything inside was interesting. I never did it. The more time he spent with her, the more he understood her reactions. I liked that she goes on a journey of self-analysis. She never asks for sympathy, in fact, but questions her own complicity not only in her behavior, but in what she has allowed and what she is committed to, and what message this gives to her children. She’s on a real existential path, and I think she ends up being someone very different from who she is at the beginning, that trauma can often catapult her inward,” she defended.

She ended by saying that if Sophie had had all the information she had at the conclusion of her husband’s case, she would have responded differently.

“You would, yes. I think once the truth is clear to her, she makes the decision she makes for a good reason,” she opined.

Anatomy of a Scandal is available on Netflix.

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