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Antonio Mohamed and the cast publicly received a word of support from the board of Atlético-MG. In a press conference this Thursday morning, Rodrigo Caetano reinforced his confidence in the work of the Argentine coach, who took over the team in January.

Atlético, champion of Minas Gerais, Brazil and the Copa do Brasil in 2021, lifted the state cup and the Brazilian Super Cup in 2022. However, the team comes from a bad sequence of results. He won only one of the last six matches (there are four consecutive games without a win in the Brazilian). Regardless of results, support for El Turco Mohamed exists.

– I had already scheduled a statement in the sense of directing to the fan and saying that regardless of the results, the social network will not enter the CT.

Rodrigo Caetano, director of football at Atlético-MG — Photo: Twitter Atlético-MG

“The conviction is total, the confidence in the work, whether for the result, or for the methodology, environment. All factors lead us to believe, despite the four games without a win.”

In addition to praising the work in the field, Rodrigo Caetano praised Antonio Mohamed’s daily routine in Cidade do Galo.

– He even used the impression that during his 30 years working in football, he has never felt such a favorable environment as here at Galo, with such committed professionals. It serves to cut any type of mimimi. He is extremely open to dialogue, all the time interacting with our permanent assistants, assistants.

“A very boring draw for the Rooster”, laments Carol |  The Voice of the Crowd

“A very boring draw for the Rooster”, laments Carol | The Voice of the Crowd

During the press conference, Caetano was categorical:

“We are not starting anything over here. Let’s go yes. It won’t echo anything from the outside to the inside. That is the job of the director of football, mainly.”

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A leader with extensive experience in football, Rodrigo Caetano said that the moment requires shielding the group.

– We are already experienced enough to understand, but we also have a slightly different way of working, which is to protect and shield our work environment from the outside, which has every right to make its manifestations. But we have to maintain our conviction and we will do so regardless of criticism.

Despite the shielding, the manager recognizes that constructive criticism is welcome at the club.

– It doesn’t mean that we don’t accept criticism. We absorb, interpret, there are things that make sense. It’s up to us to filter.

Citing that the 2021 titles are already history, Caetano defended the team’s response in the current season.

– What did we have to gain now? We won. We were champions (Mineiro) with one defeat, having won the classics. Then, at the beginning, we played a Supercup against one of the strongest teams in South American football. And we won on merit, even though it was on penalties.

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About the current moment (four games without victory in the Brazilian Championship), the manager asked for humility.

– We have to have the humility to understand that we are going to lose, that we are going to face other great teams. The first step to being able to win is to understand that our team is not unbeatable. It’s a great team, the cast is pretty much the same, but we’re going to fluctuate through the year. Remembering that we are leading our bracket in Libertadores, a very difficult bracket, not only for logistics, in which there is the current Colombian champion, Ecuadorian champion and a regional opponent.

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