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If we start to think about healthy eating models, it’s easy for the first thing that comes to mind is the Mediterranean diet.

Its benefits to the body are unquestionable and there are many studies that support it.

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However, there are also other valid models for healthy eating. This is the case, for example, of the Atlantic diet, rooted in the culinary DNA of the countries bordering the Atlantic, and whose greatest exponent is Galicia in Spain.

Main reasons why the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for health:

1) It is a type of food based on high quality raw materials . It is not by chance that we always associate Galician cuisine with the idea of ​​a ‘product kitchen’.

2) The elaborations seek cooking as natural and simple as possible to maintain the quality of the ingredients and their nutritional value.

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3) There is a regular consumption of fish and shellfish something very interesting nutritionally speaking: they are a magnificent source of proteins of high biological value and, especially in the case of blue ones, of omega 3 fatty acids.

4) the excess fat and overcooking are controlled.

5) As with the Mediterranean diet, the use of olive oil is prioritized as the main cooking fat, mainly as a raw sauce.

6) There is also a high consumption of fruits and vegetables. Among these, cabbage, cabbage, turnips, turnip greens stand out… although beans, peppers, onions, carrots, peas and garlic are also present.

7) In relation to potatoes , these are usually eaten cooked (one of the healthiest ways to consume them). And is that a rich ‘cachelo’ becomes the perfect accompaniment to many typical dishes of this type of diet.

8) the dairy products also play a leading role, either in the form of milk, but also in fermented derivatives with additional benefits (such as yoghurts).

9) the red meat also present in the Atlantic diet, can be beneficial (always, yes, with moderation ), given its high protein content.

10) The Atlantic diet recommends abundant fluid intake, especially Water as a drink of excellence.

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