Blake Lively’s directorial debut will be from a screenplay by Edgar Wright adapted from a graphic novel

the producer Searchlight Studios develops an adaptation of the graphic novel seconds by author Bryan Lee O’Malley.

The actress Blake Lively will make his directorial debut and the director Edgar Wright will take care of the adaptation.

Check out the synopsis of the book released in 2016 by Cia De Quadrinhos with the national title of I repeat.

Katie’s life is going very well. She is a talented chef, owner of a successful restaurant and with big plans for life. Suddenly, in a single day, she misses a huge business opportunity, her crush on a young chef turns sour, her best waitress gets hurt, and a charming ex-boyfriend shows up to complicate matters further. When all seems lost and Katie no longer sees a solution, a mysterious girl appears in the middle of the night with the perfect recipe for a second chance.
And so, Katie gets a repeat in life and will have to deal with the consequences of her best intentions.

Cast names have not been announced.

No premiere date. With information from THR.

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