Bridgerton swaps actress for Francesca, protagonist of (likely) season 6


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THE Francesca character will no longer be played by Ruby Stokes in Bridgerton. In the next season of the Netflix series, the third, the role will be defended by Hannah Dodd, who recently appeared on the platform in the cast of the miniseries Anatomy of a Scandal. If everything goes according to normal, Francesca will be the protagonist of the potential sixth season of the British drama, the most watched English-language series of the streaming giant.

Second youngest daughter in the family bridgerton, French was just a figure in the plots of the brothers Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) and Anthony (Jonathan Bailey). That’s why, according to Deadline, Ruby Stokes had a special participation contract in the supporting cast, being able to leave for another attraction.

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And so she did. Ruby will star in Lockwood & Co., Netflix’s supernatural series. Soon, Bridgerton needed to find a new actress to play Francesca, who will gradually gain more space in the story.

Bridgerton is based on a collection of nine books written by Julia Quinn, eight of which chronicle the romantic adventures of each of the Bridgerton children. Francesca is at the center of the plot of the sixth work, entitled The Enchanted Count.

In Anatomy of Scandal, Hannah Dodd played young Sophie, a character played by Sienna Miller in the adult version. ⬩


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