Calling man ‘bald’ is sexual harassment, decides court made up of bald people

Calling a man “bald” is sexual harassment. That’s what a British court ruled after judging a labor lawsuit brought by Tony Finn, who suffers from baldness, against the company where he worked until last year, when he was sacked.

In the lawsuit, Linn complained about being called a “bald piece of shit” in the workplace by her supervisor Jamie King. The victim claimed to have suffered “sexual harassment”.

The decision was judged by three men, all bald, who made a point of regretting their own lack of hair.

In their view, because baldness is more common in men, the insult can be termed “sexual harassment compared to talking about a woman’s breasts,” the Daily Mail reported.

“A person who receives a comment about breasts is much more likely to be a woman,” the court said. “So too, it is much more likely that a person who receives a remark such as that made by Mr. King is male.”

“Mr. King made the remark for the purpose of injuring the plaintiff, commenting on his appearance, which is often found among men. The Court therefore rules that by referring to the plaintiff as a ‘bald piece of shit’ the Mr. King’s conduct was unwelcome, was a violation of the plaintiff’s dignity, created an intimidating environment for him, was made for that purpose, and is related to the plaintiff’s sex,” the court said in the ruling.

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