Check out beautiful phrases to honor nursing professionals

This Thursday, May 12, is celebrated the Nurse’s Day and Nursing Day. The date seeks to recognize and honor the work of these professionals so important and essential for health protection.

How about taking the opportunity to send a beautiful message to honor nurses and nurses?

We selected 10 phrases and messages to share on this day.


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Happy Nurses Day Messages:

Taking care of others, in an unconditional surrender, is a mission that reinforces professionalism and enhances the human side. Happy Nurse’s Day!

Nursing is synonymous with altruism. Happy Nurse’s Day! [Karyne Santiago]

The art of caring must be done by those who have the flame of love… Dear nurse, congratulations on your day!

Happy Nurse’s Day! Today is the day to honor those who dedicate their lives to helping others. Nurses are brave, risking their lives daily for the greater good. They are angels sent to Earth to watch over others. Thanks for all your dedication!

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Nursing is the art of unconditional care, it’s taking care of someone you’ve never seen in your life, but still, helping and doing the best for them. You cannot do this just for the money. This is done for and with love! Happy Nurse’s Day!

Your magic hands heal all diseases. Your studies continue even after college and your love for the profession is what lifts you up every day. It’s an effort without measures, but the smile on his face shows that it pays off. Happy Nurse’s Day to you who chose to save lives!

Caring for lives is hard and tiring work that can only be done by people with a high level of empathy and love. Happy Nurse’s Day! [Karyne Santiago]

Today is the day of one of the most dedicated and competent professionals in the health business. Someone who will be on hand at all times to help, succor and remedy when we recover. Happy Nurse’s Day!

Nursing is a daily training in humility, solidarity, empathy, patience and love for others. Congratulations nurses!

Choosing health as a profession is choosing solidarity, delivery and love for others. Happy Nurse’s Day!

*Source: Phrases of Good, Messages with Love

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