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Although the deadline for submitting the Individual Income Tax return has been extended until the may 31stthe calendar of the 2022 IR refund batches remains the same, starting in May and ending in September.

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The refund will start on May 31 and will be divided into five lots, with the first lot prioritizing payment to people over 60 years old, people with physical or mental disabilities or serious illness, in addition to taxpayers who have as their main source of income. earn the master’s degree.

After refunding the amounts to priority taxpayers, the refund follows the date of submission of the declaration.

This year, taxpayers will be able to receive the refund via pix. However, credit in this category will only be made for a Pix key equal to the CPF of the holder of the declaration. Random key, email or phone will not be accepted.

2022 Income Tax Refund Calendar

The refund schedule that had been previously disclosed will be maintained, according to the schedule below:

  • 1st batch – May 31;
  • 2nd batch – June 30th;
  • 3rd batch – July 29;
  • 4th batch – August 31;
  • 5th batch – September 30th.

Delivery deadline extension

At the beginning of April, the deadline for submitting the 2022 income tax return was extended, which was previously until April 29, then became until May 31. The IRS stated that the extension of the deadline was due to the effects caused by the pandemic.

In 2021, there was also an extension of the deadline for submitting income tax returns, which were until May 31, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In 2020, for the same reason, the deadline for submitting the declaration was also extended, but it was a little longer, until June 30th.

The citizen who is obliged to declare and does not do so or send it after the established deadline, will have to pay a fine from R$ 165.74, which can reach the value of 20% of the tax due.

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Image: Alison Nunes Calazans /

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