Consortium in the health area opens 57 temporary vacancies with salaries of up to R$ 10 thousand; see public notice – The Gift

The Consortium of Health of the Municipalities of the West of Paraná (Consamu) is with open enrollment for a Simplified Selection Process (PSS) for the temporary hiring of 57 employees, plus formation of reserve register.

The contractors will work in the municipalities of Cascavel, Guaíra, Marechal Cândido Rondon, Palotina, São José das Palmeiras and Toledo. Salaries can reach R$ 10,880.29, depending on the position.


Applications can be made at Consamu’s headquarters, at Rua Uruguai, 283 – Bairro Alto Alegre, in Cascavel. The deadline ends on May 19. See more details below.

Opportunities are for mid-level, technical and higher education professionals, with a workload of 12 to 40 hours per week, depending on the position.

  • Administrative Agent – ​​3 vacancies with a salary of R$ 1,615.43.
  • First Aid Driver Ambulance Driver – 3 vacancies with a salary of R$ 1,615.43.
  • Assistant Medical Regulation Technician – Two vacancies with a salary of R$ 1,28.01.
  • Nursing Technician – 15 vacancies with a salary of R$ 1,615.43.
  • Nurse – 9 vacancies with a salary of BRL 2,772.77
  • Pharmacist – 4 vacancies with salary of R$ 3,325.90
  • Doctor – 22 vacancies with a salary from R$5,440.14 to R$10,880.29.

The selection process will be carried out through a curriculum evaluation, with an analysis of school education, professional experience and titles

The time to deliver documents at Consamu’s headquarters is from 8:30 am to 11:30 am and from 2:00 pm to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday.

The candidate may apply in person or through a proxy with a public or private power of attorney. In both cases, it is necessary to present a certified copy or original document accompanied by a photocopy of:

  • CPF and official identity document with photo;
  • Professional CV according to the model presented in the public notice;
  • Registration with the corresponding Class Council of the State of Paraná (within the validity period) for positions of technical level or higher.

Applications via Sedex will also be accepted, forwarding the documents within the established deadline.

The documents must be forwarded to the Health Consortium of the Municipalities of Western Paraná – Consamu at the address President of the Organizing Committee, Examiner / Judge of the selection process) Rua Uruguai, 283 Bairro Alto Alegre Cascavel – PR CEP 85.805-010.

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