Corinthian-Casuals opens a vacancy for a new coach through a post on Twitter; understand

Last Tuesday, Corinthian-Causals, the English club that inspired the foundation of Corinthians, announced through its official profile on twitter looking for a new coach. The English team asked those interested in the position to send their resume and supporting information to an institutional email from the British team.

Unusual for Brazilian football standards, Corinthian-Casuals press officer Stuart Tree said he sees the announcement as a good opportunity to find a new coach.

“Twitter is widely used by coaches, managers and players at our level who work in our division. It’s a very good way to communicate to them that there is a vacancy for our managerial position”, explained Stuart Tree in a quick conversation with the My Timon.

The English team has been coached by James Bracken for the last seven seasons. The Corinthians brother is getting ready to play another season, and according to Stuart Tree, it is the first time that the British club is looking for a new coach through the Twitter.

“No, we’ve never done anything like that. James Bracken has been with us for seven years and we approached him directly when we recruited him in 2015. So it’s a new experience, not something we’ve done before,” he said.

Currently, the British club plays in the seventh division of England. Last season, Corinthian-Casuals did not have a good year and struggled against relegation from the national championship. In the FA Cup, the English team reached the fourth stage of the qualifying round, when they were defeated by St. Albans, on penalties. Stuart Tree talked about what he expects from the new coach.

“I imagine the plan is to stabilize the roster of players and then build a team ready for the new season. It’s new territory for us as we’ve only been in such high divisions in the leagues with James Bracken. The new coach will have to occupy an important space”, concluded the press officer.

The coach interested in taking over Corinthian-Casuals must send the curriculum and extra information to the email [email protected]until 5 pm on Friday, May 20th.

See the tweet from Corinthian-Casuals

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