Experts identify evidence of robots being used in the voting system

The last colorada election, which put Alessandro Barcellos in the presidency and renewed 50% of the Deliberative Council seats at the end of 2020, had some relevant problems that could be evidence of fraud. This is the main conclusion of a skill that was made, with authorization of the Justice, in the voting system used by the club in the election. The report has been completed after four months of work and attached on Tuesday afternoon to a precautionary action filed by 12 councilors, but the CP had access to parts of the document.

The process was opened a few months after the results were published, in October 2021. One of the authors is councilor José Aquino Flores de Camargo, who was the candidate defeated by Barcellos in the second round of that election. According to Aquino himself, who previously held the presidency of the Deliberative Council of the club, declared at the time, the action was motivated by a series of information that cast doubt on the integrity of the voting system.

At least in part, such information was confirmed by the expert appointed by the Court to evaluate the entire process. The report, which is already available to Inter and also to the 12 authors of the action, has 106 pages and, for example, leaves open the possibility that robots participated in the vote. This is evident when the expert states that a particular member “tried to vote several times at the same time, which would be humanly impossible”. It is important to emphasize that the expert’s work does not point out culprits or responsible, only the inconsistencies of the process.

In another part of the report, the expert confirms that thousands of verification codes were generated at exactly the same time: “Using as an example timestamp22 1608052522507, which is equivalent to the moment 12/15/2020 at 14:15:22.507 (Brazilian time), it is highly unlikely that 3,824 (three thousand eight hundred and twenty-four) users generated their verification codes on time at the same instant, with millisecond precision”.

In addition, the expert states that there are “10,077 records of votes with an expired code” and that “numerous occurrences of voting attempts at the same instant of time were identified, a fact that would be humanly impossible”, which would be another indication of the use of robots. Another serious point is when he states that “the analyzes carried out showed that several partners managed to register more than one vote, generating distrust in the integrity of the database”.

In his observations, the expert says that “based on the doctrine, considering the pillars of information and systems security: Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability, we cannot consider the systems as safe because the pillars of Integrity and Availability were compromised.

In that election, held on December 15, 2020, Alessandro Barcellos, from Chapa 5, overcame candidate José Aquino Flores de Camargo, from Chapa 3, in the second round of the Colorado elections. Barcellos had 16,522 votes, against Aquino’s 9,600 votes. 565 blank votes and 2,354 null votes were also computed. In all, 29,041 of the 64,956 eligible members voted.


The 12 counselors who filed the precautionary action there in December 2020 have not yet defined what they will do with the result of the expertise, but it is certain that it will give a lot of cloth to mango in the Colorado political backstage in the coming months.

The Colorado administration stated that the report points out “the absence of any indication of fraud or favoritism during the electoral process”.

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