Garbage takes over ST neighborhood and ‘popcorn’ diseases, rats and snakes

Published at 5:52 am this Thursday (12)

Dump on Quadra 12, in the Mutirão neighborhood, in Serra Talhada, is causing health disorders for the residents of the neighborhood, to the point that at least 4 people are sick, 3 with dengue and another with suspicion. In front of the painting, the housewife and manicurist Maria Freire, 52, on behalf of the residents who are asking for help, resorted to the Lighthouse hoping that something will be done for them.

”Here it is difficult for us, 3 people with dengue, a lot of shit, no city hall or anyone doing anything. Last month they killed a very large snake inside the house, 1.5m. The snake passed my son’s foot and entered the house. It’s a snake, it’s a mouse, it’s a cockroach and scorpions are appearing from the yellow ones, it’s full, they’re climbing the walls. It’s a lot, garbage, a lot of stone, people putting more garbage. It has the collection 3 times a week, so it doesn’t hurt to put it on the collection day. I don’t just speak on my behalf, I speak for everyone because there are residents getting sick, I’m here with a fever too, I don’t even know if it’s dengue’, revealed Maria Freire, continuing:

“This Mutirão is over 33 years old and nobody does anything for it. In vacant lots, when you pick up a pickaxe, an owner appears in an instant, and why don’t they take care of it? Why doesn’t the city take it and give it to those who need it and will take care of it? They made a dump on my street to put recycling. There is a person who lives nearby who has dengue and Chicungunya, but what can we do? If we move to another corner, we can’t because we can’t afford it. What you find most are recycling carts all night, but no one sees that, the Health Surveillance must take action because everyone is getting sick, we suffer.”


The report from Farol contacted the Health Surveillance and was informed that they will check and have already requested the support of the Municipal Environment Agency – AMMA to solve the problem.

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