Google Announces Virtual Cards on Android and Chrome

Google announced, this Wednesday (11) during the Google I/O 2022what Android devices and Chrome will have access to virtual credit cards. The functionality, which at this first moment will be available only in the United States, aims to prevent data from customers’ physical cards from being exposed.

In the case of the browser, the feature will be supported on both mobile and desktop. According to the company, the modality, which is already offered by several banks, will be aimed at people who shop online and want an additional layer of security.

At the time of the transaction, the customer will have access to a different card number and will only need to enter payment details to complete the purchase. The tool will work in the 1-1 scheme (one card will be generated at a time) and will eliminate, for example, the need to manually enter the security code (CVV).


Virtual cards will be managed by the domain, a platform where it will be possible to activate and verify the card number and consult all the transactions carried out. And even though the platform is from Google, people will be able to use the cards on third-party devices and other operating systems.

The Visa, American Express and Capital One brands will be the first to receive the functionality in the United States, during the summer period (winter in the southern hemisphere). The Mastercard brand should arrive in 2022.

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