Government of Amazonas informs Daily Bulletin of Covid-19

Detailed information can be accessed on the FVS-RCP website at

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The Government of Amazonas, through the Daily Bulletin of Covid-19, edition 767, informs this Wednesday (11/05), the diagnosis of 24 new cases of Covid-19, totaling 582,442 cases of the disease in the state and with no record of cases. death from the new coronavirus, with a total of 14,172 deaths from the disease.

The information is made available by municipal governments and consolidated through the Amazonas State Health Department (SES-AM) and the Amazonas Health Surveillance Foundation – Dr. Rosemary Costa Pinto (FVS-RCP). They can be accessed on the FVS-RCP website at

In the capital, according to data from the Manaus City Hall, on Tuesday (10/05), there was no burial due to Covid-19. The bulletin also adds that 223 people diagnosed with Covid-19 are being monitored by the municipal health departments, which corresponds to 0.04% of confirmed active cases.

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Among the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Amazonas, hospitalized in Manaus, there are 15 patients, 13 of them in clinical beds (1 in the private network and 12 in the public network), 2 in ICU (1 in the private network and 1 in the public network).

The vaccination status of patients hospitalized with Covid-19 indicates that, of the 15 hospitalized patients, 4 were not vaccinated, 7 have an incomplete vaccination schedule and 4 have a complete vaccination schedule.

The bulletin also states that there are 2 other patients hospitalized in clinical beds with Covid-19, in the public health network in the interior of the state, as informed by the Amazonas State Health Department (SES-AM).


Of the 582,442 confirmed cases in Amazonas until this Wednesday (11/05), 290,862 are from Manaus (49.94%) and 291,580 from the interior of the state (50.06%).

The capital, Manaus, has 4 new confirmed cases. In the countryside, the 2 municipalities that have new cases are: Jutaí (12), São Gabriel da Cachoeira (8).


Among the victims in Manaus, there is a record of 9,703 confirmed deaths due to the new coronavirus. In the interior, there are 61 municipalities with confirmed deaths so far, totaling 4,469.

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