hefty! Spanish newspaper announces new salary for Vini Jr, if he renews with Real Madrid


Brazilian striker is in negotiation with club merengue

Vinícius Júnior is negotiating a contract renewal with Real Madrid
© Fran Santiago/Getty Images EuropeVinícius Júnior is negotiating a contract renewal with Real Madrid

Vinícius Júnior, this season, left behind the label of promise and became a reality at Real Madrid. Under the command of Carlo Ancelotti, the Brazilian became the absolute starter of the team. And together with Karim Benzema, he forms one of the most powerful attacking duos in the world.

With the spotlight, Real Madrid turned on the alert about the possibility of losing the Brazilian to another European giant. So that this does not happen, the Merengues are already negotiating a contract renewal with Vini. The current bond runs until 2024.

According to the newspaper Sport World, Real Madrid wants to extend the contract until 2027. And with that the attacker would receive a valuable raise. According to the publication, Vini Jr’s salary will jump from 3.2 million euros (R$17 million) to something between 8 and 9 million euros (R$42.8 and 48 million).

The report explains that this is a “middle ground” that the parties have reached. Vini Jr’s agents asked for a salary of 12 million euros. Real had already signaled an increase to 6 million euros.

Vinnie Jr season

At 21 years old, Vinícius Júnior is having the best season of his career. So far there have been 49 games, with 18 goals scored and 19 assists distributed.

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