Instagram notifies print made in DM

Instagram and Facebook Messenger often receive several updates to become chats as popular as WhatsApp. Recently, Meta messengers have been given the option for temporary messages that disappear after some time.

The owner of all this, Mark Zuckerberg, warned that the novelty also brings the option of notification of prints. That is, if you capture the screen of any DM that is configured to disappear, the other user will be warned about the print.


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The billionaire warned that the company is working on an “update to encrypted Messenger chats so you get a notification if someone takes a screenshot of a message that disappears.”

When opting for temporary mode, messages sent and received in chat disappear after 12 hours as if they never existed. If you close the conversation before then, the messages will also disappear.

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Instagram will notify print made in DM. Image: Shutterstock logo

Instagram releases button that allows you to have budgets quickly

Meta – Facebook’s parent company – has new tools for Instagram and one of them is the “Get a Quote” button, which can be translated into Portuguese as “get a quote”. To use the feature, companies need to set up custom questions for customers to answer before starting a conversation.

After filling out the form, the quote will be requested very quickly. The button can be added to the Instagram profile and shared as a link tag in stories. The launch takes place during National Small Business Week in the United States, with the aim of “improving the way small businesses connect with customers and identify higher quality leads”.

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