invite your friends and earn 100 dollars

You would like to receive 100 dollars without having to put in much effort. In fact, I don’t really need to make any effort to get this amount through PayPal bonuses. All the platform requires is for you to refer friends and for them to open an account with the company.

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However, it is worth noting that to receive the $100 bonus on PayPal, a person must open an account on the North American platform. By the way, if you’re lacking some incentive to start chasing your comrades, remember that we’re talking about earning in dollars. This means that you will receive the equivalent of more than R$500, according to the current exchange rate.

PayPal Bonus: Start Inviting Your Friends Now

PayPal is a traditional platform, which works like a virtual wallet. It allows the transaction of values ​​between different currencies and countries. Also, if you have any concerns related to the security of opening an account, don’t worry. There are no risks pointed out by any user that could be related to PayPal bonuses.

To receive the money, you must have a US PayPal account and send the invitation link to the person. It is necessary, however, to make the invitation to 10 friends and then be able to receive your desired 100 dollars, or more than R$ 500, if you prefer.

Bonuses on PayPal are only paid if you follow the rules

According to company rules, this nomination can only be made to friends and family. Disclosure through campaigns on social networks or other mass media is not allowed. Pay attention to the rules for accessing the money PayPal is paying.

Now that you know what to do, look for the 10 friends or family you want to refer to open an account on the platform. Incidentally, they will also have the opportunity to receive the bonus on PayPal.

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