“It has impressed the committee”; Roger surrenders to the talent of ‘new Luan’ behind the scenes at Grêmio


Analyzing especially the training, in addition to some games, the coach has been impressed at Immortal

Photo: Ricardo Rímoli/AGIF - Luan was featured, especially in 2017.
Photo: Ricardo Rímoli/AGIF – Luan was featured, especially in 2017.

THE Guild goes through a moment of affirmation, seeking to find an identity that brings regularity on the field, being able to establish itself among the first 4 placed in the Brazilian Championship and achieve its main objective, which is access. After picking up 3 consecutive victories, the team led by Roger Machado was defeated by Cruzeiro, 1-0.

Anyway, even with the negative result, Immortal still managed to stay in 4th place, that is, it knows the importance of being victorious against Ituano, inside the Arena, next Monday (16). For this to be possible, New solutions are being worked on day by day, which bring answers in the field.

After Campaz did not surrender on the right side, losing a spot to Elias Manoel, the Colombian also started to be tested as a point guard, but this change of position can be harmed by the competition, especially when dealing with another young man who has impressed the coaching staffespecially for the performance in training and personality, as found out by the portal “UOL Esporte”.

Its about Gabriel Silva, which has been compared as a “new Luan”, not only for the quality, but for the fact that, for Tricolor to observe him, it was the same used to find the former shirt 7, recent highlight. The face-to-face observation again made the difference, so much so that it pleased him after performances for São Caetano, like Matheus Henrique.

“In the game with União Frederiquense (Roger watched the match at the stadium, shortly after being hired as the team’s coach for 2022), both Bitello and Gabriel Silva were called up and joined in to play their game. What caught my attention the most is that in that context, even though they were very pressured by being young, they were naturally able to do what they know how to do. There I was sure that they are players who would emotionally handle the club’s moment. Bitello, like Gabriel, is my seventh man. He has the strength to put his foot on the ball defensively and offensively.”said the Grêmio coach.

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