“It seems to run with the handbrake on”; Journalist ‘loses the line’ with Abel’s defender in Palmeiras

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Chosen to be among the starting 11 for the Copa do Brasil, he ended up being criticized after the classification of Verdão

Photo: Marcos Zanutto/AGIF - Chosen by Abel, he left something to be desired.
Photo: Marcos Zanutto/AGIF – Chosen by Abel, he left something to be desired.

THE palm trees entered the field last Wednesday (11), precisely aiming to guarantee classification in the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, needing only a draw to advance, as it won the first game. On the field, the team led by Abel Ferreira did not shine like in the Libertadores games, but did enough to close the 90 minutes with 2 to 1 on the scoreboard.

The match also served to make some adjustments, already thinking about the sequence of the season, because Verdão has not been able to take off in the Brazilian Championship, so much so that it occupies only the 13th place, with 6 points conquered after 5 rounds. The intention is to go well in front of Red Bull Bragantino, inside the Allianz Parque, next Saturday (14), to pack for good.

Against the Bahians, however, the performance was not exciting, especially for some chosen by the coaching staff, who again left something to be desired on the field. Along these lines, during the post-game live on the “UOL Esporte” portal, journalists Danilo Lavieri and Alicia Klein evaluated the Palestinian athletes, but they wanted to make it clear that one of them differed in terms of grade in comparison with the others.

Both spared no criticism of the left-back Georgewho received another opportunity in the starting lineup as a result of Piquerez’s injury, but again did not make a good presentation, leaving a lot to be desired: “Inevitably, Abel will have to test Vanderlan. Jorge is far below and has played very few good gamessaid Lavieri, giving the full-back a 4.

Then Alicia was even more direct in evaluating the defender’s performance: In addition to failing again, it seems to run with the handbrake on. It does not show intensity and cannot create. He needs to improve a lot to fulfill Piquerez’s duties so that Palmeiras does not suffer in the absence of the Uruguayan”added Alicia, also giving it a 4.

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