Law that expands cancer prevention in women by SUS is sanctioned

This week, Law No. 14,335 was enacted, which expands the prevention, detection and treatment of cervical, breast and colorectal cancers in women.

Women from puberty onwards will be entitled to undergo mammography, cytopathology and colonoscopy exams through the Unified Health System (SUS). Before, these procedures were offered to women over 40 years old.

The publication took place in the Official Gazette (DOU), on Tuesday (10), and the law comes into force in 180 days.

The previous law ensured that women with disabilities had adequate conditions and equipment to deal with these diseases. With the changes, this right is extended to elderly women.

The text expands the list of procedures that must be offered for the diagnosis of cancers and does not refer specifically to cytopathological and mammographic exams. The exam to detect colorectal cancer was not among the prevention actions for women in the SUS and will now be included.

The law gives the doctor the permission to request the replacement or complementation of exams.

see in TV Brazil:

*With information from Agência Senado and TV Brasil.

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