Man saves 3-year-old girl from falling from 8th floor of building; Look

A man has been hailed a hero after hanging himself from a building window and preventing a three-year-old girl from falling from the eighth floor. The episode took place in Nursultan, Kazakhstan.

The child used cushions and toys to climb onto the windowsill before slipping and hanging from her fingertips. She was left alone at home while her mother went shopping.

Faced with danger, a huge crowd gathered beneath the building and was horrified to see the child clinging to the edge, British newspaper Metro reported.

Sabit Shontakbaev, 37, was walking to work with a friend when they noticed the panic in the population. As soon as he learned of the situation, the father of four immediately ran into the building and knocked on the apartment door on the floor below where the girl lives.

“We crashed and luckily they [os moradores] immediately opened the door,” he reported.

He then went to the window next to where the little girl was and leaned over to reach her. At that moment, the girl had already been hanging on the spot for 15 minutes.

“I didn’t have a seat belt, so my friend held my legs,” Shontakbaev explained. “At that moment I didn’t think about anything, I just wanted to help that child”.

Reaching out, he grabbed the girl’s legs and pulled her down, cradling her in his arms before handing her through the open window to his friend. As soon as the child was placed on the floor of the apartment, Shontakbaev checked that he was all right and quickly left the place, without time to say goodbye or receive the thanks of the population, as, according to him, he was late for work.

“Then I went straight to work with my friend. No one could have imagined that such a thing would happen.”

Despite the shock and the tense moment, for a few moments Sabit Shontakbaev even thought that he would have a normal working day after the rescue. However, the rest of his day was stirred up by mentions of his name and his courageous attitude in the local press and on social media, and many co-workers and people close to him congratulated him.

On social media, countless netizens praised him and called him a “hero”. The impact was so great that Shontakbaev was honored by the local mayor and won a vice minister’s medal for his contribution to the community.

The recognition didn’t stop there, as, according to Metro, he even won a job as a rescuer.

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