Microsoft launches the first Women in Innovation marathon

Between the 12th and 14th of May, the first edition of the Women in Innovation Marathon takes place. It is a Microsoft event, in partnership with WoMakersCode, a technology training NGO. The initiative is exclusively for cis and trans women.

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The proposal is to encourage the entry of women into careers linked to technology. The event will feature lectures, panels, activities and mentorship raffles.

Women in Innovation

Women in Innovation opens space for 5,000 participants in this first edition. The event will be online and completely free. It is yet another technology training opportunity, with programming directed by Microsoft.

Over the three days of the event, knowledge will be shared in the areas of programming, data science, artificial intelligence and other technology topics.

Women in Innovation will also address the management of people, as well as projects and other essential knowledge for day-to-day work.

The event will give tips on creating a resume, as well as some tricks to improve your LinkedIn profile and attract more recruiters. It will also include preparation for job interviews.

In addition to the event, the program also offers free and online training courses. Registration is through the WoMakersCode NGO page. The complete program is also available on the website, highlighting the speakers and topics to be addressed during the meeting.

The event is online, on YouTube. Enrolled women will receive broadcast links via email. At the end, those who participate in the live and answer the feedback form will have access to the certificate, with a workload of 6 hours.

During the live there will be mentorship raffles, lasting 45 minutes each. The event will have simultaneous translation in Libras in the lectures of the first day and also in the simultaneous tracks of content.

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