Netflix may launch cheaper plan with ads in 2022

After losing around 200,000 subscribers in the first quarter of this year, Netflix studies a way to contain and attract new subscribers. In addition to the controversial announcement to charge an extra fee for those who share the account, streaming should launch a cheaper plan with advertisements, as in Amazon Prime Video.

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The new plan, which is already a brand strategy, was scheduled to be launched only two years from now. However, according to the portal Deadline, after co-CEO Reed Hasting presented negative results and the first considerable loss of subscribers, Netflix should choose to advance the launch to the end of 2022.

How will it work?

The subscriber will be impacted by small ads between episodes, or before watching a movie.

market leader

Netflix has about 222 million global subscribers, the brand is still the market leader, but forecasts a loss of 2 million in the coming months.

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In Brazil, there is no official number of subscribers, however, in 2019, Netflix announced that the brand had exceeded the mark of 10 million subscribers in the country.

According to JustWatch, a portal known for disclosing which series and movies are available on streaming, Netflix has 30% of the streaming market. Amazon Prime Video follows closely behind with 23% and Disney+ with 12%.

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