Nintendo talks about its concerns about taking the Switch to a new generation

Nintendo held a question-and-answer session with its investors in Japan last week, where the company spoke openly about a variety of subjects. What drew the most attention were the company’s statements about how it plans to proceed when the time comes to take its player base to a new generation of consoles.

“The question of whether we can make a smooth transition from Nintendo Switch to the next generation of hardware is a big concern for us. Based on our experiences with the Wii, Nintendo DS and other hardware, it’s pretty clear that one of the biggest obstacles is how easily transition from one hardware to the next.” – Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo.

It’s interesting how the company’s leader speaks candidly about his concerns, including acknowledging past failures. The Wii sold 101.6 million units, but its successor Wii U only reached 13.5 million. The 3DS, meanwhile, has sold 75 million units, but that’s still less than half of the DS’s 154 million.

“To help alleviate the risks, we are focusing on building long-term relationships with our consumers. As we continue to release new software (games) on Nintendo Switch, we will also offer services that use Nintendo accounts and other IPs outside of games. We hope this helps create a lasting impact on our consumers.”

The Nintendo Switch is estimated to have an installed base of over 100 million players currently. Its manufacturer declared that the console is still more or less in the middle of its “life”, but it has already invested a lot in research for its next generation of video games, besides showing now that it has a very clear concern about how it will carry out this transition in the future.

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