North Korea announces its first Covid-19 outbreak

North Korea announced its first outbreak of Covid-19 on Thursday. The country has pointed out that it is experiencing a “serious national emergency” and Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un has ordered total confinement in all cities and counties across the country.

At the beginning of the pandemic, the country decreed a severe blockade with the outside and, until then, had not admitted any case of the disease. The official news agency pointed out that the samples collected are compatible with the Ômicron variant.


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The new regulations state that factories, businesses and homes must remain closed to “impeccably block the spread of the malignant virus,” the agency said.

The objective is to “remove the root in the shortest possible time”. “Kim assured that, due to the high level of political awareness of the population, we will safely overcome the emergency and succeed with the emergency quarantine plan,” he added.

Communiqués issued by the country do not say how many cases have been reported. However, experts say that for North Korea to admit a Covid-19 emergency, the number of cases must be significant.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un
North Korea announces the first outbreak of Covid-19. Credit: KCNA/Public Photos

What is most worrying about the situation in North Korea is the lack of information about the country, including vaccination. Analysts point out that, probably, none of the 25 million inhabitants must have been vaccinated against Covid-19, that’s because the country rejected the offer of immunizations from the World Health Organization (WHO), Russia and China.

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