Nubank app now has investment in real estate funds

Nubank released a new investment portfolio aimed at real estate funds (FIIs). From now on, users will have a new way to apply their money through the fintech app. The company’s goal is to provide more tools to democratize access to investments within the platform.

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Nubank releases real estate funds within the application

First, remember that the Nubank app is available for cell phones that work with both Android and iOS (iPhone). Just open the program and tap on the “Investments” option and then click on the “Stock Exchange” section. It is in this area where the option to invest money in the real estate market is located.

For those who are not yet so familiar with the subject, FIIs are good passive income options. That is, they provide income without the investor performing any type of work, just keep the money well invested in the sector. Another important factor is that in Brazil, profits and dividends from shares can be received without any type of income tax on them.

What are the real estate funds available at Nubank

Some factors, according to Nubank, are the main attractions for real estate funds. Among them, we can highlight the practicality, diversification, security, minimum value and opportunities to enter into large enterprises.

Nubank customers can choose between some types of funds to invest their money; which are:

  • Paper real estate fund: the money is invested in financial securities that are within the real estate market.
  • Brick real estate funds: the investor invests his funds in real ventures and earns as a rent through them.
  • Hybrid Funds: In the same fund, investments in the real estate sector and those invested directly in real estate are interspersed.
  • Funds and funds: as the name implies, this modality invests the money in other real estate funds that already exist in the current stock market.

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