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Do you know why we celebrate the world nurses day on May 12th? Below we explain the origin of this tribute. And we also leave posts specials for the date. It’s the perfect tip for you to share a message of affection with the professionals of nursing this month of May. What about? Follow the details in this article. Happy Nurse’s Day!

world nurses day

Nurses and nurses celebrate the date worldwide on May 12. The tribute is to Florence Nightingale, a milestone of modern nursing in the world and who was born on May 12, 1820. The idea is to highlight the contributions of nurses and nurses to our society.

About Florence Nightingale, she died on August 13, 1910. She was an English social reformer, considered the founder of modern nursing. Nightingale rose to prominence serving as a head and trainer of nurses during the Crimean War, tending to wounded soldiers. She was called The Lady of the Lamp because she made rounds during the War to assist wounded soldiers at night.

Here in Brazil we also celebrate Nursing Week. It runs from the 12th to the 20th of May. The Brazilian tribute also mentions Ana Néri, a nurse who voluntarily enlisted in Brazil for military combat in the 1940s.

The noble profession includes dynamics of systematized and interrelated actions, providing assistance to the human being in a deliberate and systematic way, in all environments, public or private, in which professional nursing care takes place.

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But how can we honor nursing professionals in this special month? We spoke with New Health Leader’s clinical director, Dr. José Ricardo, who highlights the importance of nursing professionals.

“Nurses and nurses are a symbol of welcome, care and hard work. Professionals who deserve all the appreciation and respect in the world. After all, they are fundamental in our area of ​​Health. My message is one of gratitude. When we look at the pandemic and the differential that professional nursing has brought us in this difficult time… what we have to do is thank and congratulate”, he praised.

The operator New Saúde Leader has become a reference in health plans in the state of São Paulo. George Colantonio, Leader’s relationship director, also left a message of affection for nursing professionals.

“Professionals present every day and every night. Who work with people who have just arrived, in the birth of babies, for example, even with people who are in delicate moments, in ICUs, with health difficulties. They are not only specialists in the human body, but also specialists in emotions, in care, in affection. Technique and heart walking together”, said George.

Nurses and nurses get up every day to take care of someone’s love. It could be you, your father, your mother, your grandfather, your nephew, your son, your uncle. Their mission is to protect life. Therefore, on this special date, share a message of gratitude and love with the professionals you know in the field of Nursing. Use your own words to express how important they are in your life.

Special message for nursing — Photo: Disclosure

“There’s a phrase I’ve heard since my college days that went like this: the doctor takes care of the disease directly. The sick nurse. The doctor takes care of everything wrong that the disease causes. The nurse, of all the causes he caused. The nurse does everything that the person cannot do by himself. And encouraging her to do and have her independence again”, said Robson Zanatta, Nurse at Leader.

“Nursing is love, care, affection and professionalism. It’s constant attention. Nursing is taking care of lives”.

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