Occupying the Edge’s place, the new Ford Fusion Active begins to show

while the crossover And you proved to be a project that was actually restricted to the Chinese market and there is little chance that Ford will be able to invest in importing the new Fusion launched in the Asian powerhousethere is even a “cousin” of the sedan that is worth following closely as its development continues in the US.

We are talking about the unprecedented Fusion Active, a product that will play a very important role in the Ford range for the Americas.

According to unofficial information gathered by the specialized press in the US, the Fusion Active should deliver a very similar proposal to the Subaru Outback, a very successful commercial product there.

In parallel, as Ford chose to cancel the development of a new generation for the Edge – an SUV that was discontinued here in Brazil in 2021 – it will be up to the Fusion Active to act as a crossover capable of combining dynamics close to that of a passenger car. with the highest ground clearance and versatility found in an SUV.

In Brazil?

Considering that Ford has already obtained a good acceptance of the Edge here in Brazil in other phases of the market, it would not be so unlikely the possibility of the brand considering importing the Fusion Active to the country, even because the eponymous sedan left a significant legacy in the category. .

The current Edge is expected to be discontinued in the US in 2023, which may signal a close period for the global debut of Fusion Active, as the brand would hardly be without a representative in an important category such as the case.

With one that refers to a station wagon with a robust body and further away from the ground, the two exhaust outlets present in the prototype caught by the Ford Authority indicate that the North American brand can work with thrusters that can give the Fusion Active a sporting character. Check back as more details about the project emerge.

Less camouflaged Fusion Active prototypes confirm the novelty crossover proposal
Less camouflaged Fusion Active prototypes confirm the novelty crossover proposal
Image: Ford Authority

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