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Facade of Upa de Passos
The expectation is for an improvement in the quality of care at the UPA, in Passos (photo: Folha da Manhã File/Disclosure)

The Municipality of Passos increased the amount paid for professional shifts as a way of trying to guarantee full medical shifts and reduce the waiting time of patients in the long lines that form at the UPA (Emergency Care Unit).

With the readjustment, the 12-hour shift increased from R$1,261.95 to R$1,480.93 from Monday to Friday, plus a bonus of R$439.07, totaling R$1,920.

On weekends and national and municipal holidays, payment to physicians on duty ranges from R$1,377.09 to R$1,629.20 per 12-hour shift, with a bonus of R$570.80. The value will therefore rise to R$ 2,200 for 12-hour shifts held on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

The values ​​will be reviewed annually, applying the same indexes and on the same base date of the Annual General Review granted to public servants in Passos, according to the city hall.

urgency regime

On Monday (05/09), the City Council approved the readjustment on an emergency basis, in the first round in the ordinary session and in the second round in the extraordinary session.

The law authorizes the use of the Accreditation System for physicians on duty, for the purpose of health service providers, and sets a new value for the shift of permanent and temporary physicians who work in the UPA.

The law was signed this Wednesday (11/5) by Mayor Diego Oliveira (PSL). For the secretary of health, Vanessa Freire, the decision is right. “This is a decision of the mayor, an initial step to recognize the importance of the health professional and within the legal possibilities. More than ever, we need the strength, competence and support of these professionals”, declared Vanessa.

loss of doctors

“We were losing doctors, as the regional average for a 12-hour shift is R$2,000. Passos paid much less. Now, we have promoted a significant increase, an additional stimulus for doctors in the network and extremely important to help reinforce the service to the UPA user population”, said the head of the Passense Executive.

According to the administrative director of the UPA, Lucas Carvalho, 400 to 500 people pass through the health unit every day. “With cases of dengue, respiratory diseases in children and some cases of COVID-19 testing positive, demand is likely to grow. Another advantage of improving the remuneration of shifts is the consequent improvement in the quality of service”, highlighted Carvalho.

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