PMDF discloses images of knives seized at the Estrutural public school where the military threatened a student | Federal District

  • After PM threatens to ‘blow up’ student, Security Council holds meeting at CED 01 of Estrutural
  • Military policeman who threatened to ‘burst’ public school student in DF will be removed from office, says PM

In an interview with TV GloboCaptain Raphael Brocke, spokesman for the corporation, said that the military are “discriminated against” by the unit’s civilian professors, which have shared management with the PM. He also said that students threatened to deprecate the building and assault a police officer on the day of the approach.

“The disclosure [das imagens] it is necessary to understand the context of what exactly happened on that day, which culminated in this situation shown in the videos, in which the policeman ends up uttering words that do not match our shared management philosophy. More than seeking the truth, we want to avoid any attitude that is similar, regardless of the causes”, says the soldier.

According to the PMDF spokesman, the military was removed from the school and the server’s conduct is being investigated. “The Military Police is extremely rigorous in its investigations and this will be another one that we will be extremely rigorous”, points out the captain.

PMs threaten student at CED 1 of Estrutural, in DF

PMs threaten student at CED 1 of Estrutural, in DF

After the video was released (watch above), the case gained national and the soldier who appears in the images was removed from office. The DF Public Ministry (MPDFT) and the Human Rights Commission of the DF Legislative Chamber (CLDF) opened an investigation into the occurrence.

Questioned by g1the Public Ministry and the Civil Police of the DF said they had not received information about the seizure of knives or about the threats of depredation to the school.

The Secretary of Education defends shared management with the PM and says that “specific cases are investigated by the folders, for the adoption of appropriate measures for each situation”. Asked about the seizure of white weapons and threats of depredation, the secretariat did not respond until the last update of this report.

Allegations of violence and depredation

CED 1 students at Estrutural protest against the dismissal of deputy director

CED 1 students at Estrutural protest against the dismissal of deputy director

Tension in the public school intensified after the deputy principal Luciana Pain, who was at the forefront of criticizing the attitudes of the military at the school, was removed from her post. On Thursday (5), the students made a protest asking for the return of the manager and criticizing the actions of the PM (see video above).

This Wednesday (11), the corporation released photos of an alleged group of messages from students, in which they talk about taking gasoline and a lighter on the day of the act and breaking windows.

Alleged conversations between CED 1 students at Estrutural, in DF — Photo: Reproduction

The corporation also released photos of the seven knives that would have been seized at the school over the last year.

The shared management with the PM started on CED 01 of Estrutural in 2019, after a vote by the community. In an interview with TV Globothe spokesman of the corporation affirms that, in the place, “the Military Police had some resistance, mainly on the part of the civil servants”.

“In other words, the civil teachers did not accept, in advance, that is, even before knowing the program, the presence of the Military Police, which was unanimous in a public consultation between parents, students over 18 and civil servants”, says Raphael Brooke.

Raphael Brocke, spokesperson for the PMDF, in an interview with TV Globo — Photo: TV Globo/Reproduction

Also according to the military, the resistance of the teachers influences the students. He alleges that, in the act of last Thursday, the students intended to injure one of the police officers working at the scene.

“The PM constantly tries to dialogue, but in advance it is already naturally discriminated against by these teachers, these civil servants, who have made it very difficult, especially in the disciplinary issue, which is reflected in the students, in the students’ attitudes.”

The military also says that the corporation acts to prevent new similar situations from happening, and that it will seriously investigate the PM’s conduct. “The Military Police are extremely rigorous in their investigations and this will be another one in which we will be extremely rigorous.”

PM threatens to hit a student at the Estrutural Educational Center 01, in DF — Photo: TV Globo/Reproduction

During the critical act of the PM’s performance in the unit, students filmed the threat made by one of the military. In the images, it is possible to see that three police officers took a student into an empty classroom, where one of them approached the 14-year-old.

“Put your hand back, you. I’m serious. Aren’t you macho? Aren’t you macho up there? In the midst of the others, aren’t you macho?”, said the soldier.

The student asked if he was going to be beaten inside the school, and the PM replied: “If you need to. Do you want to see it? Come threaten me… I’ll tear you apart.”

According to a CED 1 student at Estrutural, students are treated like criminals within the school. “Here it seems that we are (sic) a bunch of bandits, not students. They treat us (sic) not like students, it’s like bandits”, she says.

Nelson Mandela’s graffiti made in 2018, at CED 1 of Estrutural, which was erased by the PM in 2019 — Photo: Ana Elisa Santana/Personal archive

The CED 1 of Estrutural, which is one of the 16 schools with shared management with the Military Police in Brasília, was, from the beginning, a place of friction between students, teachers and police officers.

In November last year, students did a project for Black Awareness Day, which addressed police violence against black youth. According to teachers, the school’s disciplinary director, who is PM, asked that the posters be removed.

Teachers and students classified the measure as censorship and undue interference in the pedagogical part of the school. The PMDF denied the request and said, at the time, that it was “just a consultation, with the school board, on the topic addressed in the students’ work”.

In 2019, the military erased graffiti with the face of former South African president Nelson Mandela – an icon of the struggle for racial equality – that had been painted on a wall before the PM’s administration (see image above). At the time, the direction of the Educational Center decided to redo the painting.

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