“React and put on a cropped shirt”: the piece of the moment

On the red carpets and in everyday looks, a piece has drawn attention in the productions of the famous and on the racks of stores: the cropped shirt. Yes, we already know that a cropped blouse raises any woman’s self-esteem and has even become an empowering phrase, such as the famous “Reage, boot a cropped”.

Brunna Gonçalves

Brunna Gonçalves

Photo: Playback / Instagram / Them on the Red Carpet

But the famous white shirt, or of another color, has appeared shorter – or cropped, in the translation of the word “cropped” from English – and has been transformed into wildcard pieces for the most varied styles and occasions.

Celebrities with cropped shirts (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)

Celebrities with cropped shirts (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)

Photo: Them on the Red Carpet

On famous red carpets, like the Oscars and the Met Gala, they showed up. And also in casual looks on trips and on TV shows. Check out the productions exhibited by Brunna Gonçalves, Zendaya, Emma Chamberlain, Maisa and, of course, Sabrina Sato, who always anticipates trends.

Brunna Gonçalves

The dancer Brunna Gonçalves, former BBB, bet on the white cropped shirt and, with styling by Erik Maia, added other pieces that are trends in the look, such as the corset worn underneath, the short skirt and the high boots. A thin chain-style belt added the finishing touch to the modern and stylish look.


Until recently, going from a crop top to an Oscar could have been heresy. But in this post-pandemic, where bare skin is a trend, anything goes. And actress Zendaya, from the movie “Duna” and the series “Euphoria”, proved that the cropped shirt is indeed elegant, even more so if worn with a sparkly skirt. The look is signed by Pierpaollo Picolli, from the Valentino brand.

Emma Chamberlain

the american influencer Emma Chamberlain, in addition to sporting a super platinum blonde at the last Met Gala, she wore a straight white skirt and a cropped shirt with frills, all from Louis Vuitton. Another one that proved that the belly outside is also high on the red carpets.


Now, if the idea is to use the cropped shirt in a very informal way, how about betting on Maisa’s style, who on a trip to Europe last year bet on the open piece, with a top underneath and high-waisted pants. Relaxed and practical style to put in the bag.

Sabrina Sato

To present the show “Saia Justa”, on GNT, Sabrina Sato wore pieces from the Miu Miu brand, which returns to the 2000s, with low waists and cropped pieces. In the look, the shirt comes under a top. All combined with the midi skirt and blazer. Modern executive.

Sabrina Sato Bonus

Ah, but Sabrina doesn’t just stay in the cropped shirt. She also wore the short blazer, with braided straps at the waist. All white, a color that is on trend even for cold days.

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