Revelation tea ends in chaos after “accident” with excessive smoke: “We thought we were going to die”; watch

A mother from Wales gathered friends and family in her backyard on Saturday (7) to make a revelation tea. The event was going well until the moment when the baby’s sex would be revealed with smoke bombs. When 22-year-old Mandy Morgan-Smith lit the devices, an excessive amount of colored gas took over the room and the party had to be evacuated. Help!

The riot scene was filmed by the child’s grandmother, and shared by Mandy on TikTok. She appears excitedly next to her 3-year-old daughter, Willow-Rae Morgan-Smith, showing off pink smoke to guests. Out of nowhere, the object starts to get out of control. The gas invades the backyard, and everyone runs into the house. The video went viral, and has already accumulated more than 940,000 views, 146,000 likes and 1,900 comments. Watch:

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In an interview with the Kennedy News, Mandy revealed that she bought four smoke bombs (two pink and two blue) for about $45. “They put out a lot more smoke than I thought. It really shocked us all.”he said.

“As soon as I lit it, everything went as planned. I was ecstatic to be a girl, but then I thought, ‘Oh my God, I can’t breathe’. It didn’t stop, it got worse and worse. We thought we were going to die. She filled our garden, the neighbor’s garden and even made it to the third floor of our house”added to the publication.

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Mandy’s second child’s revelation tea had to be evacuated because of the excessive smoke. (Photo: Playback/TikTok)

Mandy said she was only able to take her daughter in her arms and run away. “My mom was thinking about all the kids and making sure they were all okay”, he added. The second-time mom-to-be said it was “a strong, strange smell”. “It was probably not appropriate to inhale so much smoke. There was a lot”described.

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No one was hurt, and soon the smoke dispersed into the air. “It’s a great memory and it’s good to make everyone laugh. I can’t wait to show my future daughter what she was causing a lot before she was born. It was definitely more eventful than just having a colored balloon.”joked.

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