Russia Uses Refrigerator Chips in Military Appliances, US Says

Sanctions prevent countries from exporting essential parts to Russia; Manufacturers suspend equipment production

International sanctions are making it difficult for Russia to produce military equipment and other goods. At war, the country has been unable to import essential parts, such as computer chips, and reuses items from household appliances.

We have reports from Ukrainians that when they find Russian military equipment on the ground (destroyed) it was full of semiconductors that they took out of dishwashers and refrigerators.,” US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo said at a Senate hearing on Wednesday (May 11, 2022).

According to her, 2 Russian tank manufacturers had to suspend production because of the lack of chips.

Raimondo’s department has overseen US and allied exports to Russia since the beginning of the conflict. Sanctions prevent Russians from importing chips and other items.

Also according to the Secretary of Commerce, the US has exported 70% less technology to Russia since the sanctions took effect.

The export restrictions were designed to reduce Russia’s ability to continue its military operation in Ukraine. According to Raimondo, they are fulfilling the purpose.

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