See the next steps of defender Rodrigo Caio at Flamengo after an encouraging return

In contrast to the sleepy performance of the Flamengo at the advance to the round of 16 of the Copa do Brasil, the performance of Rodrigo Caio, who had not played for 159 days, was encouraging to the point that he was elected the best on the field by the fans and thrilled the defender for his “healthy” return and in great technical form. The 45 minutes played in the victory over Altos, last wednesdayare the first steps of a cautious return.

Questioned in the mixed area of ​​the Raulino de Oliveira Stadium, Rodrigo Caio did not hit the hammer if he will be on the field on Saturday, when the Fla will visit Ceará for the Brasileirão. Your conditions will still be analyzed by the DM this Thursday and Friday, before boarding.

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Paulo Sousa also did not open the game in relation to the minutes in the next games, highlighting the “complexity” in the muscle rebalancing process combined with the competitive pace of play:

– We have several phases that we determine from the beginning of the recovery. The last phase is the reintegration into competition, which is one of the most complex phases, especially when we have players who have been without competition for a long time. This complexity requires that there is a lot of balance in terms of muscle and we come to understand that, as they are joint injuries, the impact of competition in order to be able to manage. And to get the best out of this player and everyone else. We have human resources and an extraordinary medical and physiology department, which allow us to have a lot of data to make the best decisions – highlighted the coach.

Flamengo will follow its sequence of two matches a week, which will allow Rodrigo Caio to be activated in the rotation scheme and take turns in the role of defender, either to start a game or leave the bench amid the scheduled dosage, as happened with Pablo , who is also in physical recovery, last night.

Speaking of the last game, Rodrigo Caio led the ball out, either with it or in the orienteering base, and, firm in direct duels, as is characteristic, he also made good starts that broke lines, cleared plays and connected the attack. A breath for a team that is still stuck in the creative sector.

Even for the casualties in the sector, since Mister will continue without counting on Gustavo Henrique and Fabrício Bruno in the imminent matches, Rodrigo Caio has his regeneration awaited by the technical commission so that he is related to the confrontation against Ceará, this Saturday, for the sixth round of the Brasileirão.

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– I am very honored to wear this shirt, enter the field, and continue writing my story within the club I learned to love. I’m glad I did my job, played the 45 minutes I’d been given to play. I hope I can follow through, be with the group, and help. I want to help. Today I can say that I am healthy. That, for me, is gratifying – highlighted shirt 3.

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