See who can be vaccinated in Apucarana this Thursday (12)

In addition to people aged 60 and over, the 4th dose of the Covid-19 vaccine is released in Apucarana for health professionals who took the 3rd dose more than 4 months ago. Mayor Junior of Femac appeals to the population to keep the protective immunization against the new coronavirus up to date.

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“The cases of Covid-19 are increasing in Paraná and in our city and in order not to increase the number of deaths we have to vaccinate”, calls Junior from Femac.

According to the mayor, during the month of April Apucarana recorded 136 cases of Covid, an average of 4.5 cases per day. “In the first 10 days of May alone, there are already 287 cases, an average of 28.7 daily confirmations”, alert Junior from Femac.

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The municipal secretary of health, Emídio Bachiega, reinforces that the vaccination teams are attending from Sunday to Sunday, at the Lagoão Sports Complex, from 8:30 am to 5 pm. “We have enough vaccine to serve everyone. Don’t miss this opportunity.” says Bachiega.

In Apucarana, immunization of the 1st dose and 2nd dose is released for the population of Apucarana from the age of 5 and the 3rd dose is for 18 years or older for those who took the 2nd dose 4 months ago.

Reinforcing that the 4th dose of the Covid vaccine was being applied to the age group of 60 years and over, but as of today it has been extended to health professionals, provided they have received the 3rd dose more than 4 months ago.

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