Senate evaluates donation of vaccines against Covid-19 to other countries

The Senate plenary votes this Thursday (11) on a provisional measure that allows Brazil to donate vaccines against Covid-19 to other countries as part of humanitarian cooperation. The MP was approved by the Chamber of Deputies on May 3. Eight amendments were presented to give more transparency to the donation process, but all were rejected by federal deputies.

According to the text, donations will be made by means of a term signed through the Ministry of Health, which will define the quantities and recipients of immunizing agents to be donated after consulting the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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Amendments to give more transparency to donations were rejected

Among the amendments rejected in the Chamber, there were those that provided, for example, that the Executive create a website to present information, such as the list of recipient countries of donations made and the amount of immunizations donated to each nation, which should be updated monthly.

Another request to amend the text of the provisional measure that was rejected was the one that established that the government would have to disclose the calculation of the sufficiency of vaccine stocks, to ensure compliance with the National Vaccination Operational Plan and not allow doses to be missed to meet the needs of Brazilians. .

In the Senate there are also those who are concerned with the transparency of donations. Senator Rose de Freitas (MDB-ES) presented on Wednesday (11) an amendment in which the government should publish, on the internet, updated information about the benefited countries, as well as the respective names, quantities and lots of donated immunizers.

For the senator, it is necessary to ensure that donations do not interfere with the National Plan for the Operationalization of Vaccination against Covid-19. According to her, it is necessary to ensure that the processes of vaccine donation are transparent and to guarantee the social control of the public administration.

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