Thorin dismisses FalleN’s story and s1mple responds: “go get a job, idiot” | DRAFT5

Shortly after Imperial’s classification for the Legends stage, Gabriel “FallN” Toledo was attacked by Duncan “Thorin” Shields on Twitter. According to the esports commentator, The Professor is the most overrated player in CS:GO history. The curious thing is that who took the pain of the Brazilian was none other than Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev.

The current best in the world started the defense of FalleN in a “contained” way, but soon he got stressed with Thorin’s unprofessional attitude and said that the Brit would get a job and that when he retired he could say that “piece of shit” the commentator really was.

“When I finish my career, I’ll tell you what a piece of shit you really are. Go get a job, idiot”says s1mple’s tweet.

Shortly after the conflict, the commentator returned to his Twitter page to, this time, attack both FalleN and s1mple by saying that the Ukrainian is not only a better AWPer and player than the Brazilian, but is also more “two-faced” than the Teacher.

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Moments later, FalleN positioned himself and thanked s1mple for the defense. He also pointed out that the attitude of the NAVI player only shows why he is considered the GOAT of CS:GO and ended by saying that s1mple’s posture meant too much to him.

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