Transport in Brazil will collapse, says Chorão, leader of truck drivers

Leader of truck drivers during the 2018 demonstrations, Wallace Landim, the Cry (featured photo)he said, in a conversation with the metropolisesthat transport in Brazil will collapse.

On Tuesday (5/10), Petrobras raised the price of diesel sold to refineries by 8.86%. The average value of the fuel went from R$4.51 to R$4.91, according to the company.

“The transporter is stopping naturally. Transport will collapse. It cannot pass on everything, but some part passes it on, and that goes to the supermarkets”, said Chorão, who is also president of the Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava).


The truck driver will come to Brasília this Thursday (5/12) to talk to parliamentarians, in search of a solution.

Last Monday (9/5), Chorão indicated to the metropolises that the category is studying the possibility of promoting an act against the state company. “We saw Bolsonaro’s latest position asking Petrobras to lower the price of fuel. We saw the indignant president. So, is he asking the people to go out and put pressure on Petrobras?” he asked.

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) again harshly criticized the company last Thursday (5/5).

During a live broadcast on social media, the federal chief executive said that it is a “crime” and a “rape” for the company to make an “abusive” profit in times of crisis. “I make an appeal: Petrobras, don’t break Brazil”, pleaded the president, shouting.

The Union of Autonomous Road Transporters of Goods of Espírito Santo (Sindicam-ES) announced that autonomous truck drivers in the state will go on strike from 00:01 on Wednesday (11/5).

The National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters (CNTA) stated that, after the increase in the price of diesel announced by the oil company, “joint action is needed by all sectors that depend on fuel for the exercise of their economic activity”.

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