Truckers go viral on TikTok with protests against high diesel and talk about stoppage

Truck drivers discuss strike from May 21; Petrobras announced an 8.86% readjustment in refineries last Monday

Tânia Rêgo/Agência Brasiltruck drivers
Truckers discuss strike

Videos of truck drivers against the rise in the price of diesel started going viral on TikTok in recent days. In one of them, a worker shows that the final value to supply the truck exceeds R$ 5,500. “See if you can afford it here, man. It has no conditions. And I’ll have to make one more supply to get to Mato Grosso. The freight was R$ 11 thousand. Will stop. The trucks will stop,” says the truck driver in the video. The recording was made in the Barreiras region, in Bahia, where a liter of diesel costs R$ 8.24.

THE Petrobras announced a readjustment of 8.86% in the price of diesel at refineries on Monday, 9th. After the increase, truck drivers began to discuss a strike starting on May 21st. The Brazilian Association of Motor Vehicle Drivers (Abrava) stated that it received the adjustment “with indignation” and criticized the state-owned company’s pricing policy. In Espírito Santo, the Union of Autonomous Road Transporters of Goods (Sindicam) went on strike on Wednesday, 11th. day-to-day of the truck driver”, said the entity in a note.

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